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Month: January 2014

Silly Ford


So I’ve been borrowing dad’s truck for the last week or so since I broke the clutch in my Jeep. It has been leaking a bit of oil which dad figured out was his oil cooler a little bit before his accident. The truck has been sitting since no one has been driving it until now. It has served well the last week until today.



I’m assuming that the cold temperatures caused the oil cooler o-rings to leak significantly more than normal at this point. This is after about 15 seconds worth of idle time. Glad I already ordered the replacement o-rings and gaskets for this thing. Just a little disappointed that it wasn’t able to drive me home today. Oh well.

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Thursday, January 23rd

From mom:

Dad walked outside the hospital this afternoon for about two blocks. And then back again. Navigated sidewalks and people and ramps. Go Dad! He’s also going to start using a cane (probably the kind with multiple feet) next week. Real progress!!

He continues to improve in other areas as well and if we don’t see him for three or four days, the next time we see him he is doing so much more. Thanks for all the well wishes and the cards he’s been receiving. He really likes those!

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Scope Creep

Update on the Jeep: This sucks.

I didn’t get the transmission out. I really didn’t even get started on the transmission. Things did not work out like I thought they would today. I was a bit late waking up. Then after I got out of the shower, work calls. I’m late cooking breakfast now. Work calls again. I’m late finishing breakfast. Work calls again. Still not out the door. State Farm calls. You were supposed to call me days ago. Panasonic calls. Please leave me alone. I just want to get this thing off the trailer.

Off the trailer it goes. Now to return the trailer and winch. I spend a bit of time talking with the neighbor. Then I get an offer for lunch from my uncle. I willingly accept. I head back down the road and start spraying down bolts with PB Blaster. My uncle shows up. We hang out, eat lunch and formulate a plan.

We decide doing a transmission job in the driveway on gravel is going to suck. So we move the trailer he is rebuilding out of the carport. Then we take some time and get the carport cleaned up so we can get the Jeep in.


Tons of room to work on this thing now.


I’ve really come to love tall jack stands. This gives a ton of room to work on while being very stable.


We get the drive shafts off and I hear some clicking. I ask my uncle to take a look while I shake the yoke on the front differential. He sees a lot of play on the passenger side. So, now we get to pull the front end apart to see what needs to be addressed.



The front end comes apart pretty easy and we find the passenger u-joint is toast. The driver side has just the slightest bit of play, but feels very dry. I haven’t checked the u-joints on the drive shafts yet. That’s another 5 points to check. I’ll deal with those later. I need to focus on getting the transmission dropped this weekend and figuring out what exactly happened.

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