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Month: February 2014

It’s alive… It’s alive, it’s moving!

So the Jeep is back up and running. Loaded it up on a trailer and towed it to Discount Muffler and Brake and let them fix the exhaust. It got a new muffler as well, so I’m happy. It’s really quiet. I just need to get a new exhaust manifold or header to fix the exhaust leak under the hood and I’ll have a significantly quieter vehicle. I’m definitely happy about it right now though.

I need to figure out something with the center console support bracket. It’s $86-$106 for a $2 piece of plastic to keep the console from moving around. I’ve spotted one on eBay for $35 shipped, but who knows how high that will climb. I’m not going to give more than $40 for it. If it breaks the $40 mark, I’ll just figure out a way to make it from sheet metal or steel.

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Quiet on the western front

So the Jeep is almost completely back together now. Just two things left to deal with.

First up is the front drive shaft. 8 bolts and it’s ready to go in. Probably about 15 minutes worth of work and I don’t need the Jeep on jack stands. I can just lay on the ground and access everything I need.

Second up is the exhaust. What kind of knuckle head uses slip joints with exhaust clamps and then welds everything together? Seriously. The slip joints on there so you can pull it apart. Exhaust hangers are there for you to bolt the exhaust to as well, not weld the bolt to the hanger and the exhaust pipe.

So in doing the transmission job, we cut the exhaust pipe in half since everything was welded together and the exhaust wraps around the transmission. The muffler was starting to rot out so it isn’t that big of a deal. I’ve also had a small exhaust leak under the hood that I really haven’t looked at much since after 20-30 minutes of driving it mostly stops. I’m pretty sure the under hood exhaust leak is caused by the massive dent in the exhaust just below the exhaust manifold. At some point in the 189,xxx miles before I purchased this vehicle it appears as though it threw the u-joint on the front axle and it crushed the down pipe. I think I’m just going to go see what Discount Muffler or Walker Muffler will quote me to replace everything. I’m not putting it on for now though. I’ll just keep driving the Ford for another few days and tow the Jeep somewhere.

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I had fun

Thanks to all who decided to come over and hang out today. I had a lot of fun and it was nice seeing so many people come visit dad.

Thank you.

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