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Month: April 2014

Spring Cleaning

Did some spring cleaning today at my grandmother’s. I found 1 more stop for the motorcycle trailer. Just one more stop and a ramp to find. Then I’ll have a complete trailer.

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Trailer is finished

So I finished the trailer today. My uncle did the final coat of varnish on Saturday while I was at work. Saturday I was unable to do any work on the trailer. I worked, helped another uncle to set up for a crawfish boil and then headed to dinner with a friend.

Today, I cut up some rubber to put between the decking and metal frame. Then I used carriage bolts to secure the decking to the trailer. I double nutted the carriage bolts to keep them from backing out. I checked the lights and everything works fine.

IMG_20140420_163002 IMG_20140420_162947 IMG_20140420_162935


Vrroom, Vrroom

I bought a motorcycle. I got in waaay late last night. I won’t be in until late tonight either. Expect photos this weekend.

Better yet, expect photos now. I have some time.

IMG_20140416_164153 IMG_20140416_164224 IMG_20140416_164218 IMG_20140416_164215 IMG_20140416_164205 IMG_20140416_164200

Some light scratching on the fairings. Totally expected from light off road use. Fires up so fast it isn’t funny. This will be fun. The bike is dirty per the seller. He road it around earlier this week. It was stored somewhere with a clay driveway. I need to wash it and keep it clean.

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