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Month: June 2016

Taking it easy

So I got pneumonia after my last post. I’ve been taking it easy for a couple of weeks now and have done almost no work around the house other than some light cleaning and keeping the yard cut. I’ll figure something out soon and start working on projects again.

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Dirt work is work

So after doing removal of all the stumps, I had quite the mess that I had to deal with. So I borrowed a tiller and got after it. The tiller did a pretty good job of dragging roots and other trash to the surface.


On the left side of the house, you can see what everything looked like when John got finished running the backhoe through the yard.


This is after I’ve run the tiller through the yard for more than two hours and come back over it with a garden rake.


I think I’m making pretty good progress with the yard. I need to seed it now. Then start making plans for a flower bed.

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Stump removal

So I’ve been doing a lot of landscaping in case you haven’t noticed for a while now. This is what happens when my uncle comes over to try and help my dig out all the trash.


It’s not pretty. He’s not super experienced with this, but I said whatever, let’s give it a shot and see what happens.


This is a shot after John comes over and started making a mess.


John does a much better job since this is what he’s done as a career.


This is a pretty decent shot of all the yard waste we pulled out. John came over to give me a hand pulling out all the stumps and other garbage that I had left when I initially started cleaning up.


This is day 1 of me moving in.


This is current. Such a striking difference.

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