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Month: November 2016

Turkey Day

Hopefully by the time you read this, I will have been days into a vacation with friends and family in Arkansas. I’ve hopefully not killed myself playing in the woods. I hope that you have a great Thanksgiving and that you can spend it with family and friends as well.

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New rear tire


That photo is 45 minutes in the making. I should’ve take a before photo or some during photos, but I didn’t. Good grief though. Tires are hard. The tires on the bike were 11 years old and very hard. They didn’t want to flex. They didn’t want to break loose off the rim.


Maybe I’m just terrible at this.


This was another 45 minutes to get the tire back on without pinching the tube. I definitely learned something though. I learned I should’ve spent the extra $20 to buy the longer tire spoons from Motion Pro. I got the 3 spoons for $30 instead of the 2 for $50. The 18″ spoons would’ve made this job significantly easier. The 10″ spoons work, but the extra leverage would’ve been nice for my first attempt.

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Not too tense

Three tents would be correct though.


I’ve been sitting on all three of these for a long time now. I picked them up from my dad. These used to belong to Troop 19. I used them a long time ago with my brother and a lot of friends in Scouts. They were great tents when we got them probably 20 years ago. Setting them up now, not so much.

One of those tents has rot in the mosquito screen. The aluminum is all corroded on the poles, pegs, zippers. The elastic is shot. They smell horrible. I let them sit in the yard for about two weeks and started throwing them away. Too much damage and it wasn’t worth keeping them around. I wasn’t thrilled.


I did get these in the mail though. They’re in great shape compared to the old ones. Not riding on 11 year old tires will probably be amazing. I’m looking forward to changing these and finding out.

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