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Hot Springs

So while on vacation in Mt. Ida, Arkansas, we decided that we wanted to do the tourist thing in Hot Springs. This is only about 45 east of where we were staying and the only day that we really went into town and did anything that wasn’t in the woods or in the National Forest.


First stop in Hot Springs was at the top of the Hot Springs National Park. It’s a nice little mountain that overlooks the town.

After we had a quick drive through the overlook, we stopped to get some lunch. If you’ve never been to Hot Springs, you won’t know this, but their thing is everything comes from the hot springs. Water in the bath houses, water in the beer, water in the restaurants. So we stopped at the place that brews beer with water from the Hot Springs.

I just thought this entryway to the park was neat. This is where you would walk to head up to the overlook by foot. We went back to the Hot Springs Visitor Center to go take a tour of the old bath house it is located in.

The porcelain bathtubs were massive and I very much wanted to have a hot bath in one. The ceiling in the men’s shower was composed of more than 8,000 pieces of glass that was all hand leaded.

During the 1800s, people were quite formal. The suit on the left is what you would wear while exercising and the suit on the right is what you would wear for all formal events in the bath house.

So many rings in this gym.

Finally, this is the spring that runs underneath the visitor center. It was an interesting way to spend a day. I enjoyed it and would do it again in the future.

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