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I’m the worst

Still not updating this recently. I have been doing stuff though. I spent a few hours this week and got the sunroof fixed on the Talon. It’s the small steps forward. I used the sunroof rails that I picked up from Aaron in Michigan about 8 years ago. The sunroof works better now than when I bought the car in 2009.

I spent a little money (a lot) and bought a few (a bunch) of car parts. It’s time I get serious with the Talon again. It’s been too long. I have all new gauges for the Talon to replace the ones that quit working. I’ve picked up all new timing belt stuff. After I get the timing sorted out, I’m going to change all the fluids in the car and look for oil leaks. I know the power steering rack leaks. So I’ll see about rebuilding the rack when I get closer to having a running car.┬áMy friend Greg said that the rack is pretty easy to rebuild. The parts for it are about $65 on RockAuto right now.

I have a long, long list of broken things right now. I’ll probably start doing some photos and updated posts soon. It’s time to get back in the swing of things.

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