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Category: Motorcycle

Baby’s First Carb Part 3

So I got the carb back together. This was the result.


Motor runs hot. Header is cherry red. Idles beautifully though. It was a little high and I couldn’t get the bike to settle down consistently.

img_20161021_185639267 img_20161021_185648981

I wonder why.


Disconnecting the throttle cables made the idle settle down. Running the idle air screw all the way tight and then working it out seems to have fixed the overheating issue. I had too much fuel it seems. I feel better now.

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Garage and Maintenance

So not a whole lot is going on right now. I’m at this terrible place in limbo where I’m waiting on parts or tools or something to show up at the house. This prevents me from doing real progress. So I chose to spend some time cleaning the house and cleaning the garage.

Cleaning the house is boring. Cleaning the garage is boring. Cleaning the garage literally means sweeping and mopping. I’m not joking. I moved the tool box in front of the TSi instead of having the bike in front of the TSi. I’m hoping this will make it easier to get the bike in and out while still having easy access to tools.

I did all of this work on an off day during the week just to have something to do. I changed the oil in the DRZ at 8:30pm just to have something to do. I’m trying to keep expenses down at the moment and while I would love to have something to do on a project, but the waiting is killing me.

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Broken Things For Broken Dreams

I bought yet another jack. This time for a motorcycle. I’ve been eyeing for a while because it will make some things easier like changing a tire, doing oil changes, doing anything probably.


This is the assembled Strongway jack I picked up from Northern Tools. The price was reasonable. Matching the theme in the garage is pretty cool, but I didn’t take that into consideration when I bought it.



I do like the extra height. It doesn’t look like much, but the tires are about 4″ off the ground. Considering this bike has soft suspension and probably about 2.5″ of droop, I’m impressed.


However, we do have a problem. It looks like it got dropped hard during shipping. Hard enough that it bent the ear the caster sits on. It also blew some ball bearings out of the caster. I didn’t realize that it was damaged until I got it all assembled and the bike on it. Once I realized why it was rocking, I started to look at getting help from the vendor.

I sent the above photo to Northern Tools and their customer support rep immediately suggested they could swap it out at no charge. I agreed to that because I did think it was fair. I’m not waiting on this to do anything. They’re handling shipping both ways. This has been a pretty decent purchase experience so far. I will withhold final judgement until I can get a replacement in.

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