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Things Happen

Some days, I get on these insane tears where I just have to do something. Anything at all. It doesn’t matter. I’ve been on that tear for two weekends now. It’s the afternoon on a Saturday. I take out the trash, I look at the fence and gate at the end of my driveway. I hate it. I hate it a lot. I’ve not been a fan of it since I moved here. It’s very hard to move anything through the gate because it’s so narrow. It sags and I can’t fix it because the hinges are bent from kids swinging on it in years past.

A tired privacy fence.

I’m also getting tired of having to use 4 or 5 screws to get enough bite in the stringers so that I can rehang fence boards after a 20 mph wind gust while it’s raining out knocks the boards loose. It’s such a hassle. So I drove out to Denham and picked up a post hole digger.

So on a whim, I decided to replace a fence. I’ve probably made worse decisions on a whim. I’ll admit to not being very smart.

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It’s been a busy month, but not with any progress on projects. I’ve managed to track down the source of two pops on the front of the Jeep and get them resolved. So it’s much less vague when driving now and quieter. I’m loving that. I’m not loving that all of the tie rods ends from Crown Automotive have failed or have had boots blow out in 2.5 years and 30,000 miles. That’s way too soon for this non-sense.

It’s been cold and wet recently. I think it’s time I start digging holes to put up a fence.

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2019 and I

It’s January 1st, 2019 as I sit here writing this post. I’m not going to do a year in review or talk about projects that I want to do going forward. That’s not to say that I won’t talk about other projects or that I’m not making plans. (I’m not making plans right now, it’s the 1st.) I want to say that I’m pretty happy with myself right now for losing 28.4lbs since 8/31. I think I’m just going to keep moving forward this year and actually use 2019 for a bit of self-improvement.

By self-improvement, I mean losing another 30lbs. I think I can handle that between now and July 4th. I think this is an easily doable goal and is probably on the low side of what I can accomplish. I’m currently not exercising, I’m not in the gym. I’m not going to resolve to do either of those just because it’s the first of the year. I’m not even resolving to lose this weight because it’s the first of the year. I’m merely stating a goal for the continuation of my diet.

For a New Year’s Resolution, I will resolve to drink less beer this year. I think I’d like to get a little more into sake. I have friends that are into whiskeys, bourbons, wines, and beer, but none of them are into sake. We’ll see how well that works out since I don’t drink that much hard stuff.

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