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I got 99 problems, but a clutch ain’t one

So the new clutch shows up. I have the transmission cleaned up and welded up now. I replace the axle seals because “Hey, why not?” New lightweight Fidanza in the car, Exedy “stage 1” organic clutch kit, new ARP flywheel bolts, new OEM pressure plate bolts and I’m feeling good here. I get the transmission lined up, bolted in and forget the dowel pins. Back out it comes, slip in new dowel pins from under the car, bolted back up and done this time. It appears as though progress has been made.

As long as I’m here, I should just go ahead and change out the OEM rubber mounts with polyurethane mounts. I’ve already got them, so why not? New transmission mount goes in pretty quickly and I find it time to move on to the next project.

At the DSM Shootout in 2012, I was given a turbo by Zac, who got it from Mark, who got it from a local. This was an unidentified turbo at this point. It would not turn at all, Zac wound up with a couple of turbos from here and traded me a turbo for a beer. I was pretty pleased about this trade.

After the Shootout, I took the turbo home, boxed it up and sent it off to Justin (JusMX140). I can’t get over how smooth this transaction went. I’ve never dealt with him before on anything. I’ve never spoken to Justin or had any interaction with him at all. He was quite nice and easy to deal with. I let him know I wasn’t sure about the turbo and he identified it almost immediately as a Slowboy Racing G50. I contacted Mark and he said that sounded right. Justin even advised that if this were a newer Kinect core turbo that he would advise against me putting any money into it as it was just cheap Chinese junk. $280 later I have a rebuilt Garret core SBR G50 turbo. New bearings, seals, compressor wheel, gaskets and bolts.

The car is down, I know I have exhaust leaks and I can see broken exhaust manifold studs. I have a rebuilt turbo. Surely this can only end on a positive note.

I pull the stock T-25 off the car with the exhaust manifold and oxygen sensor housing. I use a stud remover and slowly extract two broken studs out of the head. One only had two or three threads sticking out of the block making this tedious work.

I get everything unbolted. I’m short 3 studs on the exhaust. The turbo to exhaust manifold bolts are all galled up and stretched. The exhaust gasket is toast. I need more ARP studs to hold this thing together. I’m tired of fighting this manifold to keep it from mostly not leaking. I’m done for the day. Time to order more parts.

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Falling by the wayside

I still haven’t forgotten about this. I need to make some updates to finish my saga, but I just haven’t had the time recently. Between life, friends, and work I have been busier than normal the last few weeks.

Probably going to make a post tonight after work.

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All the, small things

So it started. I sighed, got over it, then started ordering parts.

I have a thing about ordering parts on credit. I don’t do it. Period. End of story. If I don’t have the cash, it doesn’t get fixed. Being as this is a secondary car, it can be down and I don’t care. I can cash flow this out of my monthly income. If my Jeep breaks, I hit savings. I can’t have my daily driver down for more than a day or so. So I understand that this process is going to take a while going in.

I don’t care.

As long as I am modding and the car is going to be down, this means that I need to go through the car and start looking at the unimportant things that don’t work or need to be replaced. Like air conditioning. Small oil leaks. Replacing motor mounts. Oh God, what am I doing here? It really gets bad here. Or good. I still haven’t decided on an answer to that. All I know is that my wallet has been pretty light lately.

So I start going over the car to see what else needs to be addressed. I find the carrier for the driver side axle has the aforementioned bolt broken off in the block. The one bolt holding the carrier in place would go in two turns and was bent. Lower timing belt cover had a hole chewed through it from the time when my crank pulley decided it wanted to be a two piece unit. The middle timing belt cover was cracked in half and missing a piece. The upper timing cover was also cracked and missing a mount point on the valve cover. Oil return for the stock turbo was leaking. Oil line for the stock turbo was leaking. Water line for the stock turbo had a hose soft enough I could score it with a finger nail. Two broken studs in the head for the exhaust manifold. One missing stud in the exhaust manifold. A/C compressor was leaking refrigerant.

I have quite the list of problems here that need to be addressed.

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