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It’s always the small things.

So as I previously touched on in the last post, my transmission cracked while I was on the way home from the 2012 DSM/EVO Shootout. I was thinking that either the master cylinder was going out or that the clutch was having issues. Soft pedal, shifts were sketchy and hard to get in gear. I drove it quite easy after letting Jeff drive the car. I did let him know that there was an issue and that I thought the master was on the way out.

Fast forward about 6 months when the rain stopped and I was finally able to move the car to the carport to work on it. I got the car up on jack stands and had someone assist me in bleeding the clutch. Once I was under the car and the clutch was depressed, I was completely confused as the motor and transmission moved in separate directions. Great.

After poking around the car, I realized the bolt that passes through the block over the transfer case would not tighten. There was also a missing bolt next to the starter on the top of the transmission. The other bolt on the top of the transmission was about two turns from falling out of the block! This was most unpleasant to discover. I removed the slave cylinder in preparation to repair the stripped bolt into the transmission. Upon removing the slave cylinder I noticed a giant crack running through the bellhousing. This ran from the window where the throwout fork entered the transmission to the edge of the transmission.

Here you can see the crack bellhousing.

cracked bellhousing inside cracked bellhousing outside cracked bellhousing edge


So now the transmission is out. I get to asses the rest of the damage. One bolt broken off in the block where the transmission mounts to the motor. One bolt broken off in the transmission over the transfer case. The final broken bolt held the carrier for the driver side halfshaft. Drill out the bolt on the back of the block required removal of the a/c compressor and a 90* angle drill.

broken bolt in block bolt broken in transmission bolt broken in back of block


I spent most of the day dealing with these three bolts. The transmission bolt was fairly easy to remove. The bolt on the block wasn’t too bad either. Behind the motor, sandwhiched next to the front subframe? Not so much fun. I did get it though.

extracted bolts

I even made arrangements with a friend to handle repair about a week later. Chris did a good job in my opinion welding the case back up.

welded outside welded inside

I should have stopped here. I should have fixed the transmission and driven the car. I started this project in April and here it is September. It still doesn’t run.

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