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So it begins again

A few days ago, I decided that I needed to buy another domain and hosting services. Some place I can talk silently about whatever is on my mind. Maybe a place to host photos and keep up with my latest projects. The last blog died out due to my lack of interest and time. Maybe this time will be a bit different.

My current project is getting Janelle, my 1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD back up and running.

I drove it to the 2012 DSM/EVO Shootout and cracked the transmission. Apparently, the shop the previous owner paid to install the clutch did a very poor job of it. The flywheel was stepped incorrectly, there were two bolts broken off in the motor, a third broken off in the transmission and the pivot ball was neither replaced nor shimmed. I did manage to make the 1100 mile trip home mostly uneventfully. Aside from developing a random miss, it did well.

I’ll continue the discussion of all things DSM later this weekend. It is currently 1AM and I should probably be going to sleep soon instead of writing this. We will see where the night takes me.

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