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All the, small things

So it started. I sighed, got over it, then started ordering parts.

I have a thing about ordering parts on credit. I don’t do it. Period. End of story. If I don’t have the cash, it doesn’t get fixed. Being as this is a secondary car, it can be down and I don’t care. I can cash flow this out of my monthly income. If my Jeep breaks, I hit savings. I can’t have my daily driver down for more than a day or so. So I understand that this process is going to take a while going in.

I don’t care.

As long as I am modding and the car is going to be down, this means that I need to go through the car and start looking at the unimportant things that don’t work or need to be replaced. Like air conditioning. Small oil leaks. Replacing motor mounts. Oh God, what am I doing here? It really gets bad here. Or good. I still haven’t decided on an answer to that. All I know is that my wallet has been pretty light lately.

So I start going over the car to see what else needs to be addressed. I find the carrier for the driver side axle has the aforementioned bolt broken off in the block. The one bolt holding the carrier in place would go in two turns and was bent. Lower timing belt cover had a hole chewed through it from the time when my crank pulley decided it wanted to be a two piece unit. The middle timing belt cover was cracked in half and missing a piece. The upper timing cover was also cracked and missing a mount point on the valve cover. Oil return for the stock turbo was leaking. Oil line for the stock turbo was leaking. Water line for the stock turbo had a hose soft enough I could score it with a finger nail. Two broken studs in the head for the exhaust manifold. One missing stud in the exhaust manifold. A/C compressor was leaking refrigerant.

I have quite the list of problems here that need to be addressed.

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