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Breaking Bad

I’m trying to get caught up on Breaking Bad right now. I’ve been watching since the first episode aired on AMC. I used to have cable back then. I got rid of it about a year ago as I felt that I was paying too much money and not getting a whole lot of use out of it.

I know the series finale has already aired and am doing my best to not read anything about it. The final half of the 5th season has been very good. Everything happening as a flashback. The stories are very complex. The acting phenomenal. I absolutely love this series.

I’m currently watching “Rabid Dog” where Jesse has completely flipped out and run off with Hank. I want to know how this ends with Hank trying to put Walt away. I need to know if Jesse lives. I should have been watching this more frequently.

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  1. Clay
    Clay October 1, 2013

    So I managed to finish everything up today. Super impressed. The series ended well.

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