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Cars, Life and Everything Else.

I chose this subtitle for a few reasons.

Cars are easy to talk about. I almost always have something going on between my 95 TSi and my 99 XJ. Life is pretty encompassing. Day to day activities, art, time, friends, family. Lots of things affect life. Everything Else is pretty encompassing as well, but I consider this to be things that I am significantly less involved in.

Cars really are easy. I also think that it acts as point between guys. Even my non-car guy friends ask about what I’m doing. Even when they don’t understand and their eyes glaze over, it gives us a talking point. Even people from work who know me can ask a few questions about it and get a reasonable answer.

Life is hard. Lots of interaction with other people, balancing time with friends, family and work. I’ll probably talk about what I do here and there for work, friends, and personal interests. This will probably be one of the harder topics for me to discuss or be clear on. I’m not always good relating to things that happen to me.

Everything Else is exactly that.


  1. Tim
    Tim October 8, 2013

    Keep on posting! You are getting pretty regular with these. Dont forget BL2 time in there!

  2. Clay
    Clay October 14, 2013

    I might throw some of that in there at some point. Trying to decide what I am going to post about next.

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