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Turbo upgrade

So I mentioned earlier about getting a Slowboy Racing G50 from Zac at the DSM Shootout in 2011. It was in pretty rough shape. The shaft was locked up in the turbo and overall condition was unknown. This is shot sitting on my kitchen table with some delicious local beer I brought back from the Shootout.


So after sending a few blurry shots to JusMX140 on I got the proper identification. When I was originally given this turbo, no one was sure what it was. I sent it to Justin and got a quote back for repair after he confirmed that it was a Garret core. Two days later he had my money. A week later I got a nice shiny turbo back.




I hope you enjoy the crotch shots along with the turbo photos.

Justin was even kind enough to mail back all of the parts he replaced in a Ziploc bag. I was not expecting that at all.


You can see here that he sent back everything. Including new gaskets.



There was some definite damage here. Justin did advise that the shaft was still in good shape and checked out. Looks like the thrust bearing died and it ate into the housing. Very happy I sent everything in to be rebuilt.

Next issue, installation woes.


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