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Coolant? Who needs coolant?

So in order to fit this much larger turbo on the stock exhaust manifold requires some “massaging” of the water pipe behind the turbo. It also requires that you cap off the water feed on the block and the return at the thermostat. Capping off the block isn’t terribly hard. You can order a factory oil pan drain plug and use it with a copper crush washer. I used some aluminum scrap and some heater hose and made a plug for the water return on the water pipe. This part was super easy.

Next up was using a brass hammer with the water pipe on the car to massage the pipe so the turbo would clear. This went along very quickly and I was surprised at how easy it was. Right up until the point where I saw water dripping out of the back of the water pump. My car is 18 years old I know there is an o-ring there sealing it up. I’ve never changed this o-ring in the few years that I have had it and figured that it probably hasn’t ever been changed. Me beating on this pipe probably made it shift and it will no longer seal.

I could only be so lucky.

When I removed the water pipe to replace the o-ring, I saw that indeed the o-ring was hard and not sealing, but the end of the water pipe had rotted off. Thankfully, this item is still available from Mitsubishi for the low, low price of $75 through or

So I ordered a new water pipe and o-rings and waited a week. Then I massaged the water pipe while it was not install on the car because it is so much easier. Don’t do this. While hammering away on the pipe, the neck changed angles. This made it pretty much impossible to get the thermostat housing back on. I wound up digging for a socket to fit in the neck and then bending the neck back until I was able to get the thermostat housing back on the car. All of this could have been avoided if I would have just installed it all and massaged it in place. So I’ve pretty much killed an entire weekend trying to get this stupid thing on the car to clear a turbo that is much bigger than I really needed because I cracked the housing on my transmission.

Do you see how this is going? I’m not good with cars. Cracked transmission = turbo upgrade.

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