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Now we have oil and other things.

So for a quick recap, new clutch, new flywheel, new water pipe, new turbo, lots of gaskets and bolts replaced.

This is a little out of order, but I’ve had high oil pressure issues for a while. Ever since I did the balance shaft elimination kit on the car about 4 years ago. So while I had the car down, I pulled the timing covers off the car to get at the oil filter housing. I did this so I could port the oil relief to lower oil pressure.

During the last session, I tried to install the oil line. I was able to successfully get it on the turbo and routed, but I was unable to get it fed off the oil filter housing. The factory oil feed uses a metric fitting that screws into a 3/8 BPT in the OFH. I ordered an adapter off the internet to go from 3/8 BPT to 1/8 NPT. I was then able to use the 1/8 NPT to -6AN adapter. I think it is -6AN.

Now, the stock oil feed has a restrictor in it. This adapter did not. So I had my uncle give me a hand with the new adapter. We tapped the inside of the plug, he turned a piece of brass down and threaded it in. Then it got pinned and drilled. This makes for something that we can replace if need be in the future for lighter oil needs and if we need to go larger, that is an option as well.

IMG_20130804_103904 IMG_20130804_103815

So now we have oil. Glorious oil.

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