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It’s almost time.

I haven’t forgotten about this yet. Emphasis on the word yet. Where were we? New clutch, turbo, lots of replacement bolts, ported oil filter housing, and fresh fluids. Did I talk about porting the OFH? Probably not. I did use a Dremel to port the oil bypass port in the oil filter housing. I enlarged it about 20% over stock to hopefully lower the oil pressure to more sane pressures. I had cold oil pressure around 40psi at idle and over 120psi at 3000 rpms. Hot oil pressure was more like 10psi at idle and about 80psi at 3000 rpms. Hopefully porting this will bring it down to a more sane pressure.

Anyway, I installed a new timing belt. I figured as long as I had everything apart this would be a good thing. I did reuse the tensioner as it only had about 15,000 miles on it. I even replaced all three parts of the timing cover.  The lower part of the cover was damage from when my harmonic damper came apart a few months after I purchased the car. The middle timing cover was broken into two pieces and was missing a chunk over the side motor mount. The top timing cover was broken as well.

After everything was timed properly, I got to start swapping out the motor mounts for polyurethane mounts. This was a giant pain in the ass like every other time I have done this. The old mounts were trashed. Definitely glad that I got this taken care of. Well, mostly. The front motor mount will not clear the turbo. It has been cut down and just needs to be welded up at this point.

At this point I decided that I should go ahead and start installing the FMIC. I picked up a GReddy 18R a few years ago and never installed it. As it turns out, it was missing the associated hardware to install the FMIC, This required turning a piece of aluminum down to make a standoff for the actual intercooler. I also needed to fab up a bracket to hold the bottom of the intercooler to the radiator core support. With the intercooler mounted to the car, it was time to start test fitting.

The test fitting revealed that the car has definitely been in an accident. The bumper support is not square on the car. I realized this after I trimmed the bumper support and found that I needed to trim significantly more fiberglass than what GReddy’s instructions dictated. After playing around with orientation and fabbing up a third bracket for the intercooler piping in the passenger fender, I hit the final snag. The upper intercooler pipe had been trimmed by the previous owner so that he could run a 3″ GM MAF. I scrounged through some other supplies I had an found a piece of piper close enough that I was able to have Chris weld it up for me.

Everything is complete. Just need to finish hooking the electrical back up and start this silly car.

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