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It drove.

9 miles. 9 glorious miles. I never hit boost. Just running through the gears. I was ecstatic.

Then we broke. Bucking, kicking, barely driveable, but I got it home.

Oh yeah, you read that right. Stupid car ran and I loved it. Then it stopped. My wideband started throwing error E4 and E8. The wideband quit outputting any signal to the ECU. Thankfully this happened about a quarter mile from my grandmother’s, so I was able to make it back pretty easily. I broke out the laptop and plugged in to the Innovate LC-1 controller. I was able to connect for about three seconds, got disconnected and never able to connect again. Even the first time that I connected, I wasn’t able to change any parameters or verify anything. I was only able to connect briefly.

So I complained about this in the 2gnt hangout. Thankfully another 2gnt guy who lives in Kentucky found something local to him on CraigsList for $100. ¬†After using PayPal to send him some cash, I was now the proud owner of a brand new LC-1. It did take a few days in order to receive it, but I wasn’t really in a hurry. Thank you Greg for finding this and sending it to me. I do appreciate it.

So last weekend, I got this installed and wired in. I was able to get the car to crank up and was receiving the 5v signal into DSMLink like it should. I did let the car idle and run for a bit. I saw while idling that the XD-16 and DSMLink are about .5 points off on the AFR.  This is one of those points where I am glad that I have the XD-16. It reads the output directly and not just the voltage. So what this tells me is that I have a voltage switch point issue. I probably need to verify that the switch point is set at 2.4-2.5v and fine tune the switch point from there. I had this problem with the last LC-1 and it only took about 10 minutes of playing with it in Link to fix the problem.

So the car cranks, runs, idles well and has a new wideband controller installed. Time to clean up the wiring. I get everything neatly zip tied back up under the dash and have all the wiring routed. As soon as I started to get the lower half of the dash installed, the rain came. Being as the car was broken in the driveway and not somewhere covered, I called it a day. This was last weekend.

We appear to be caught up with where I am at the moment. I should really stop talking about this on the Internet and go work on the car. I’m going to whine about it being cold and wet instead though. Then, I’ll probably go work on the car. After breakfast.

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