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Month: December 2013

Day 15

10:30 AM

Dad was awake for a bit when mom went and saw him today at 10AM. She spoke with Dr. Kahr who is overseeing his care. She did say that while dad’s progress is slow, he is recovering. He wishes to keep dad in critical care for a few more days and then step him down to a different unit at Our Lady of the Lake where he can have family around longer to stimulate him more.

This sounds very promising in my opinion and I’m glad to hear this news.
1:30 PM
From mom:
Slept thru the visit but nurse said physical therapy had worked him pretty good. Still only had the Nasal canula.

Day 14

Dad’s status hasn’t changed. He has a buildup of fluid around his lungs at this point. This buildup is being treated with a diuretic.┬áSpeech, physical and occupational therapists are working with him as they can.

He slept during most of the visits yesterday and was sleeping while mom was seeing him at 10AM. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. We’re still hoping for the best.

Day 13

From mom:

Dad is doing the cha-cha today, one step forward and two steps back. His breathing was labored this morning and his lungs we’re not as clear, so they put him on a respirator (not a breathing tube) to help him breathe.

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