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My first welding project and first mod on my Jeep.

I’m going to stick this here. It’s my first attempt at welding something for my Cherokee. Actually, it’s my first attempt at welding anything, ever. I thought this would be something fairly simple to do and would be a decent learning project.

I had a receiver on my XJ when I bought it. It had a weird (2 3/32″) hitch in it. I was never able to pull the hitch out. I wound up just swapping the ball on it. I decided I wanted the ability to remove the receiver hitch because I kept hitting myself in the shin. Parking is tight at my apartment and the ball would stick out over the sidewalk. Getting the receiver off was a giant pain in the ass. I broke four bolts on the passenger side and all three on the driver side. Once the receiver was out, I heated the receiver up with a torch and beat on it to get the hitch out. There was a lot of rust that was falling off. A lot of rust. I can hit the receiver with a 20oz hammer and leave dimples in the steel. I am not sticking this back on the XJ to tow with it.

This is the receiver I pulled off the XJ.



So I hit up the local steel yard and bought some stuff.


Using the receiver I pulled off, I took some measurements and cut some steel and laid it out.


First weld I ever laid down.


Second weld looks much better.


I did go back and grind down the bad spot in the first weld and redo it.


Ground both sides down.


Welded a plate over the top for strength.


All the way around now.


I cut the mounting ears off of the old receiver since they were pretty solid and hadn’t lost their original thickness.


I neglected to get photos where I welded the bottom plate on the receiver where the chains will hook and the ears prior to painting it.


I did everything with some help from my uncle who is a better welder than I using his arc welder. This was done with 7014 rod. I had some fun doing this and hope to do more welding in the future.

I even managed to get it installed today.



I know the blues clash, but I’m hoping that a few weeks of road grime will mellow the blue out and make it clash less.

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