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I took some time today to put some miles on the car. It now has about 40 miles on it since I put everything back together. I still need to put the interior together, but that will need to wait until after I buy new gauges. The ProSports are being very difficult. None of the gauges are working. I have tried and tried to get them to work.

My electrical problem notwithstanding, I drove the car about 25 miles today. It feels solid. I never gave it full throttle. I did run it 60-80% throttle and gave it plenty of time to warm up prior to doing so. DSMLink reports that I make about 220hp and 240ft-lbs of torque at 4800 RPMs. It feels solid. Pulls very well. I’m very happy with how it is running. I’ll be even happier when I finally know how much boost I’m running and have the new fuel pump swapped in.

I love this car again.

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