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A rough day

Sitting at Our Lady of the Lake Critical Car Unit. Dad was airlifted in after an accident on his motorcycle. I really don’t know what shape he is in at the moment. Just that he is on a ventilator and they were going to do a CT then move him from trauma to critical care. Dad is a little bruised up, but nothing broken they know of right now.


Still no news. Talked to my uncle who was on scene and called my mother. My aunt saw dad pass by her house while she was getting in her truck to head into town. She drove up on the accident a couple of minutes after it happened. Darla cut his chin strap loose because he wasn’t breathing. After she cut the strap loose dad began to breathe on his own.

Dad was heading into Baton Rouge for dance class and was heading southbound. Someone from the northbound lane turned left in front of him and he was unable to stop. No one involved at the accident did anything other than call police.

Mom was on scene after my uncle called. She left while EMS was still on scene and headed to the hospital. She called me, i called my brother. Family is here. The worst part is just no news.

So that’s what I know.


They let us go back and visit dad for a bit. He’s currently sedated. We spoke with the doctor. He didn’t give us information in chronological order, so I will try to do that here.

He came in from airmed bagged and tubed. The did a cursory examination and found no major breaks. He had a gash on his upper thigh they washed/cleaned and stapled shut. There is a little road rash on his right knee, shin and the top of his foot. Right knee is a little swollen. The doctor said he fractured a couple ribs on his left side.

After this he was given a paralitic and placed in a CT scanner. The CT scan shows that he has a little blood on the brain and some slight bruising. The radiologist didn’t think there was anything major, but they will keep him sedated overnight.

If he looks good they will see about removing his breathing tube tomorrow and waking him up. If he listens and responds well, they may just move him to the ICU.

Tomorrow morning they will call my mother and give her a status update. She will probably be up here most of the day during visiting hours. I’m going to do what I can to make at least two visiting sessions. Dad will probably spend at least a week here.

It’s now 8:45PM and I’m just spent. Glad the outlook sounds good.


  1. cindy and randy
    cindy and randy December 21, 2013

    Prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. Well wishes

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