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A better day


No real update changes. I would post the message I got from mom, but my phone decided I can’t paste right now


This mornings CT showed he was still bleeding a little but the doc is not concerned. Dad woke up enough for the nurse, to say he’s feeling a little pain and move fingers and toes on both sides. ¬†Good signs. They are waiting for him to wake up enough to pull out the breathing tube. Another CT in the mornin g. My guess is another day in the ICU until the bleeding stops. Found a fracture in his right tibia just below the knee.

2:01 PM

Spoke with mom. Dad is off the ventilator now. Still tubed for the time being. He hasn’t woken back up yet. When he wakes up they will remove the tube, but can’t for the time being. He is breathing on his own. Unfortunately for mom he has not been responsive when she has been talking to him today.


He’s still heavily sedated, but opens his eyes a bit with enough prodding. Dad is squeezing mom’s hand occasionally as well. I’ll post more after dinner.


Just finished spending time with dad. It’s hard to look at him like that. Strapped to a bed and not able to do for himself. Still sedated and out of it. Lots of stretching when we were talking to him and a lot of him fidgeting. He didn’t try and wake up.

The nurse said there was going to be another CAT scan in the morning and an MRI on his knee. They are going to keep playing with his sedatives and try to get the breathing tube out tomorrow. Probably going to be in the trauma neuro critical care for another couple of days before moving to the ICU.

I just hope he makes it through this.


  1. Tim
    Tim December 18, 2013

    That is great man! I am glad that everything is looking up.

  2. Tim
    Tim December 19, 2013

    That is great that he is starting to squeeze the hand and open his hands. Be strong dude. Still praying for you guys.

  3. Judy Davidson
    Judy Davidson December 21, 2013

    Thanks for the posts. Will let the neighbors know of this site and keep them informed of his progress. We are all praying for him and for a good recovery. We all know how active and strong he his, he will pull through all of this. I am here if your Mom needs anything, right across the street.

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