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Day 3


No real change since last night. No CT scan. Maybe tomorrow. No MRI yet but it looked like they we’re fixing to take him. No sedation since this morning. It was much easier to wake him. Sometimes both eyes would slit open. Squeezed my hand several times. Doc says he might be “sensitive” to sedation med. Will try to get him to wake up to remove tube today. More later.

This was the latest update sent by mom.


Still not much change. Did not do MRI yet due to others being taken in first. Have ordered CT and will do that today. Hope to do MRI on same trip. Nurse said he woke up on his own and was alert but agitated. Gave him half a dose of pain med so sleepy while we visited. Did squeeze my hand. Opened his eyes once or twice when asked.

From mom.


They just called and said they are taking him for the ct at 4 which means he May not be back for 5 pm visit but they will call us and allow us back when he returns.

From my sister-in-law.


No change.


No change.

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