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Day 9

Sorry I haven’t been posting frequent updates. I have been spending time with family from out of town.

I did see dad yesterday. He was awake and looking around when we came to see him at 5pm. He was breathing well on his own, but still had the tube in. When we saw him again at 9pm, he was much less awake, but was doing well. I guess he was tired from dealing with us and the nurses.

I saw him this morning at 10am. He was wanting to sleep in on Christmas morning. Something he probably hasn’t done in many years. He is still intubated and breathing on his own. The nurse advised that he breathing sounded a little better.

Mom did advise after her 1PM visit that they were not going to remove the tube today. I will post more as I can.


Woke dad up for a bit, showed him videos of Oliver doing the Christmas thing. Talked to him for a while. Glad to know he got to see Oliver.


Dad was up for a bit on the last visit for the day before going to sleep. Spoke with the nurse and they are still hopeful he can get extubated tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers everyone. 🙂


Also edited this post since it wasn’t allowing comments. Sorry about that.


  1. Kirk & Mary
    Kirk & Mary December 26, 2013

    Thinking about you ♡ ~ wishing you a speedy recovery.

  2. Kyle & Liz
    Kyle & Liz December 26, 2013

    Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas! You were in our thoughts and prayers. We hope he continues to improve daily and will be back to his usual (old) self soon! 🙂

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