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Day 12

Dad is alert today and said my moms name, my brothers name and his favorite grandsons name.

BTW, that’s what she said.


No longer on oxygen. The nurse said she asked dad after the 1 o’clock visit if he knew where he was and he said “The hospital.” He was sleeping at 5:00 when mom and I went to see him. We didn’t try to wake him up.


  1. Debbi
    Debbi December 28, 2013

    so glad to hear he is doing better. We will keep praying for a total recovery

  2. Joan & Doug
    Joan & Doug December 28, 2013

    Gaye, This is the first day I heard of Wesley’s accident, since I have problems getting Jane Major’s e-mails. My heart is pounding. It sounds like he’s making good progress.
    Excellent! On the light side we’ve missed Him at Ric’s. Wesley always saves one Westcoast for me.

  3. Tim & Deb
    Tim & Deb December 28, 2013

    thoughts and prayers so glad he’s doing better. Hope to see him soon.

  4. Margaret
    Margaret December 28, 2013

    Am so thankful that Wesley is doing so well! Praise the Lord!

  5. Brenda bealer
    Brenda bealer December 29, 2013

    God is good all the time! Glad things are looking better.

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