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Month: December 2013

Day 12

Dad is alert today and said my moms name, my brothers name and his favorite grandsons name.

BTW, that’s what she said.


No longer on oxygen. The nurse said she asked dad after the 1 o’clock visit if he knew where he was and he said “The hospital.” He was sleeping at 5:00 when mom and I went to see him. We didn’t try to wake him up.


Day 11

From Mom:

The tube is out and I can see his face!  He’s breathing well with the assistance of oxygen.  The next step is to wean him off oxygen so he’s breathing pretty much on his own.  To us, this is a huge milestone!

One of the things I have learned, is you look at one day at a time and try to meet the goals set for that day.  Today’s goal is to wean him off oxygen.  Tomorrow we will hopefully have different goals, but that will wait until we see how he does today.
Again, thank you so much for your prayers and well-wishes.  I am sure that has helped his recovery.
More as we have additional information.