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Spoke with mom last night about dad. She laid out what rehab will consist of and where dad is and what time visiting hours are.  Dad will also be able to have visitors now. They moved him Wednesday down to Touro in New Orleans.

The address is:
1401 Foucher St.
New Orleans LA 70130
Visiting hours are:
4pm to 8:30pm Monday through Friday
1pm to 8:30pm Saturday
10:30am to 8:30pm on Sunday
I’m not posting the room number on here. Mom will be the keeper of that information.
I will be heading down to New Orleans after work tomorrow with my brother and nephew to go hang out with dad for a few hours.

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  1. Mary
    Mary January 10, 2014

    Hello, please tell Gaye that all her quilting friends are praying for her. So glad to know that things are getting better. Praying for you all. Mary Felder

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