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Monday was entertaining

Not posting on the dad stuff at the moment.

Monday was fun though. I’m pretty sure that I broke the clutch fork in my Jeep. Driving along, I go to shift to third and BANG! I bark tires, Jeep jerks around and feels like I just got hit by something. No one was around, no one hit me. I then realize that my foot is still on the floor on the clutch and there is almost no resistance. Great.

So I just head down the road a bit in third until I can get pulled over somewhere I know I can easily get out. Checking under the Jeep, I find that everything looks normal. The slave cylinder is still attached to the outside of the transmission, no leaks, fluid in the master, and the master is still securely attached to the clutch pedal. More fun.

I’m just glad that I don’t need to be at work soon and I can take my time. So I crank the Jeep in gear and make my way out of the parking lot. I now have the joy of driving to work floating gears. I take it easy and run through the gears slowly and make it to work on time. Still no fluids under the truck at work.

I catch a ride home from work and borrow a trailer, winch and a truck. No lights on the trailer though. I spend a couple of hours and realize the wiring is toast and pull new wires, change a bulb and we have lights!

Now I get to enjoy loading the Jeep on the trailer by myself. I’m just glad the parking lot at work is well lit.


Yeah, this isn’t the best location to load everything up. Time to move it to make this easier. Again, I get to move this thing around by cranking it in gear.

2014-01-20 (1)2014-01-20 (2)


it probably only took me about an hour to get it loaded up. It took a bit of maneuvering to get the truck lined up mostly square with the trailer. This would have been a bit easier with a little help, but oh well. My Uncle is able to show up about the time I’m strapping the Jeep down. We talk for a bit and decide to drag it about another foot up the trailer to make sure a little more weight is on the tongue so I don’t have a balance problem.¬†After a very uneventful trip to Denham, I drop the trailer, say goodbye and head home.

I’ll hopefully be able to get started pulling it apart tomorrow. Parts are cheap enough for a clutch job so I went ahead and ordered everything prior to starting this job. Clutch, pressure plate, pilot bearing, throwout bearing, clutch fork, pivot ball and flywheel. Total after shipping is $267. I’m really happy about that. Now, I just need to tear it all apart and see what everything looks like.

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  1. Grover Smith
    Grover Smith January 22, 2014

    Grover Smith , . Visited my brother Wesley tonight , I found him articulate though still struggling to speak . Alert to every thing said , comprehending all that was said , His comments were vintage Wesley David . He recognized all his visitors , myself the always lovely Sharon Ann as well as two ladies from his dancing club . His sits up regularly exercising his stomach also stretching his arms and hands . He must be making improvements with leaps and bounds as he was way farther along than I had expected . Though he has a way to go , with our prayers I am expecting a miraculous continued improvement . His spirit is strong , his mind sharping , and his body growing ever stronger and under his control . I rejoiced to see him doing so much more than I was expecting . Continue lifting Gaye and Wesley up in our prayers . He really enjoyed the visitors to the last minute we could stay . Check with Gaye for your visits if you can so we can have his visitors card full . I personally thank all who are praying for them and for all who visit . God Bless Gaye and Wesley , God Bless you all .

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