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Halfway there

I owe my uncle and a family friend a great deal of thanks as they helped me out greatly today.

The transmission is out right now and sitting on the ground. Everything was intact when we pulled it out. The throwout bearing was not attached to the clutch fork properly. The springs that attached the throwout bearing to the clutch fork had broken and the clutch fork itself was bent. It had jumped off the pivot ball. I’m glad that I now know what happened.

Once we had everything out, we checked the clutch and it looked to be relatively thick. It still got changed because we had the parts on hand. So did the flywheel, pressure plate, flywheel, pivot ball, clutch fork, and pivot ball locking spring. Even though the parts there weren’t bad, I’m already there and have them on hand. The old parts are going to be dropped on a shelf for the time being in case I ever need one in a pinch.

I did run out of daylight today. I slept through my alarm clock and am a bit frustrated. I could have had this job completed today had I gotten up on time. Oh well.

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