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32 years, 58 days and 1 t-bolt

So today a few things happened that set today apart from the normal day to day affairs of life. Today I turned 32. I got lots of well wishes from friends and family. I even had someone make me a Mexican lime pie. She used fresh squeezed limes to make it. The pie was tart, but not too tart. It had lots of lime pulp in it and was absolutely delicious. Probably one of the best lime pies I’ve ever had. This is not lip service either.

After 58 days by my count, dad was released from the hospital. He came home with mom around 1:30. He and mom made chicken pot pie tonight and I got to eat dinner with them. My brother and nephew came over around 5:30. My sister-in-law showed up around 6:00. We hung out til about 7:30 and then I had to head home.

Getting on the Interstate to head back to my apartment, I started accelerating and head a wonderful pop and hiss. The truck lost boost and I knew exactly what happened. I blew an intercooler pipe off. I called my buddy the diesel mechanic to make sure I was ok to keep trucking slowly. He advised I would be fine as long as I took it easy. So I made the 4 mile journey back to my apartment and figured out which coupler I blew off the truck. Unfortunately, I have no tools in the F-250 or at my apartment. Thankfully my brother was willing to make a run from his house down the road to my apartment. After I had the tools in my hand, it only took about 10 minutes to get the truck repaired and ready to drive.

All in all, today was a good day.

Don’t forget about the¬†Welcome Home Party this weekend.


  1. Grover Smith
    Grover Smith February 14, 2014

    Happy Birthday Clay , I hope is a great day and year to come . Love you

    • Clay
      Clay February 14, 2014

      Happy belated birthday to you Uncle Grover. I hope you are recovering well.

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