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Somewhat productive

So I had a somewhat productive weekend. I managed to replace the old water/fuel separator on the F-250 and the o-rings in the oil cooler. The o-rings were all toast. It wasn’t a terrible job on either part to fix. The oil cooler took some time to deal with because I didn’t want to break it. All together it was about $110 to get everything resolved.

Old fuel/water separator

2014-03-08 (2)


New o-rings and gasket

2014-03-08 (1)



I only put about 30 miles on the truck after fixing the leaks and everything seems to be going well. Not a drop of oil or diesel so far. My uncle will be using the truck on some errands tomorrow to make sure that everything is still ok.

I also worked with my uncle today and made a new center console support bracket.IMG_20140309_104315 IMG_20140309_104320

While it may not be the pretty bracket ever, it is quite functional and isn’t broken like the factory bracket. I picked around the garage and found an old dust cover for a transmission that we used that make part of the cover. There is a little new steel there, but a good chunk was stuff that we already had in the garage.

Both photos were taken in the test fitting stages and do not show a completed product. Unfortunately, there are no completed photos at this time because I didn’t feel like pulling it all back out after getting everything bolted up and assembled. Maybe at some point in the future I will do so.

To round out the day, I ordered new motor mounts and a new exhaust manifold.

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