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Quite the busy Sunday

So today I helped my brother load up a motorcycle and bring it home. We stopped by his friend’s mom’s and found a Kawasaki something under a tarp. It is apparently stuck in gear. My understanding is that it was driven to where it was located and parked sometime in 05 or 06 because they couldn’t get it out of gear. No one attempted to fix it or diagnose the problem. So the bike sat. It took some effort, but we pushed and pulled and pushed some more. We managed to get it to the trailer where we were able to winch it up with some ratchet binders.

Unloading it back at Greg’s house was much easier as the wheels had freed up enough he was able to ride it down the trailer and under his carport. After unloading his new bike, I wasn’t able to stick around long as he had a party to attend shortly. I also needed to drop the trailer off and make sure the F-250 was still doing well.

The truck is not leaking oil or diesel right now. I am quite pleased with that. My uncle has run a tank of diesel through it and all is well. I’m fairly confident that it is fixed now.

I hung around and helped my uncle mount some lights on a trailer he is building. We installed a new axle and got everything centered. We also grabbed the old Little Dude motorcycle trailer near the garage and pulled it around to check it out. We fixed the trailer hitch on the trailer so it will open and lock correctly on a 2″ ball. We also welded up some 3″ c-channel on the back of the trailer to hold the license plate after we get the paperwork sorted out. This little trailer has been off the road since about 97. I’d like to see about getting it back on the road as it is quite small and would be pretty useful for hauling small loads.

IMG_20140316_130043 IMG_20140316_130137


It’s a neat little tilting trailer. At one point in time it had a plywood deck. There are wooden sides for it that drop into the square tubing along the sides of the trailer. There is a ramp for the motorcycle and some stops for holding them upright that I need to locate. It would be neat to see this hauling a motorcycle again some day.

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