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Trailer, Trailer, Trailer, Talon

So I’ve been helping my uncle with his trailer project, doing a trailer project for dad, a small trailer project for me and the Talon. My uncle’s trailer project is mostly done now. Dad’s trailer project is in the process of getting rewired. My trailer project is waiting on parts and a weekend with no rain. The Talon needs new fans, some new electronics, the bumper cover re-installed and the interior put back together.

My uncle’s trailer is just a rebuild of an old trailer with some design changes. The exterior of the trailer was starting to rot and the plywood needed to be replaced. New shelving on the inside, more specific storage for cooking supplies. This is the old trailer he used to use when I was in Boy Scouts. It had most of the camping supplies the adults used and all of their cooking supplies. Now it will strictly be a cook trailer. He still helps out with the scouts from time to time and I think he likes the design aspect of a project like this.

Dad’s trailer is a Lift-A-Load that has some electrical problems. The brakes didn’t work and neither did the 6-pin trailer plug. Dad needed to use it and quickly changed the lights to a 4-pin plug to have lights. It needs to be fixed properly. The brakes have been replaced. The winch has been repaired, but the solenoids aren’t working and need to be replaced. New wiring has been pulled and the brakes have been wired up. My uncle and his friend were going to finish wiring the lights today. That should just leave the solenoids on the winch mechanism and a bad seal on one of the hydraulic rams for lifting the trailer.

My trailer project should have lights, wire, wheels and tires Wednesday. The new tires and wheels should let me make the adjustment in fender height this week. I probably just need to move the mount point up on the fenders to make the taller tires clear. It will probably get dropped off at the sandblasting place before I do much more with it. I just need a week where it won’t be raining to have it blasted and then paint it. Preferably when there isn’t so much pollen in the air. Wiring this trailer should be really fast since it is small and access along the inner frame rails should be easy.

The Talon. My very slow moving project. I’m going to order fans for it this weekend. Once that is in and wired up, the bumper will be next. Then I will start replacing the gauges on the A-pillar. I’ll also be able to start driving it to work after I get the new fans in and boost gauge replaced. So not too much longer and I will be ready. I’m really excited about this part. Really excited. I’m so close.

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