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Trailer Progress

So my uncle and family friend finished wiring up the trailer lights on dad’s Lift-A-Load. The only thing left to do on that trailer now is get the winch working. I think we are waiting on dad to make a decision as to whether he wants to fix the electronics or just replace the winch with something new. My uncle also finished his little cook trailer. I’m glad to know it’s been fixed and set up for easier use.

While my uncle was working on building a small oven that sits over a two burner stove, I worked on the Little Dude trailer. All of the parts I ordered earlier this week came in yesterday. New tail lights, side markers, wiring, tires and wheels. Digging around in the garage I found enough steel to make some brackets to go around the tail lights to protect them from damage.

First up are new tires. I went with a 12″ wheel and tire instead of an 8″ wheel. This will keep RPMs down and keep the bearings from wearing out as quick.



Here I’m getting ready to start cutting some steel with a plasma cutter to make the light boxes.


I’m using this stainless steel as a straight edge to make a clean cut.


Piece cut.



These are the edge of the box. I don’t have many more pictures of this process as I didn’t think about taking more. I probably should though.



Getting ready to start building the box.



Couple of tack welds down.


More welds down.


I’m really not good at this.


Really not good at welding. I should practice more.



I’m doing all of this work with an arc welder. I’ll learn someday to run a MIG or TIG welder, but for now I think the arc welder is a decent platform for me to learn on.

So here are the mount points for the current fenders. With the taller tires, I don’t have enough room to clear the tire, much less account for suspension travel.

IMG_20140403_155340 IMG_20140403_155347

So I cut some heavier gauge steel and drilled some holes.


Then bolted it to the trailer.


I used some vice grips to clamp the fenders to the extensions.


I adjusted the level of the fender to the same level as the trailer.


Then I went and marked where I needed to trim the extension to match the shape of the sheet metal on the fenders.



I don’t have anymore photos of this part of the process. The fenders are not mounted to the trailer at this time. Everything got mocked up and test fit, but it won’t get mounted until after the trailer gets blasted and painted.

Mmm. Booger welds. These look absolutely terrible. I really need more practice.

IMG_20140403_180328 IMG_20140403_180344


My uncle will be taking a look at them tomorrow. He may grind them down and re-weld them if he deems it necessary. They aren’t pretty, but they will probably hold well enough that they won’t fall off.

I’m debating whether or not I want to add some reinforcement between the rear C-channel and the C-channel in the middle of the trailer. This would be for towing four-wheelers or something else between the motorcycle racks. The reinforcement would come before it gets blasted and painted.

I need to make a decision on reinforcement before moving forward. Once the decision is made, I just need a few days of no rain to have the trailer blasted. After sandblasting, the trailer will be primed for paint. I’ll need a day or two after priming with no rain to get the trailer painted. Rain will cause it to rust since primer doesn’t seal.

I’m going to paint this trailer Hugger Orange.

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