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Paint Gets Everywhere

So this morning I hung some plastic sheeting under the carport and ┬áhung a trailer up. While the trailer was up, I became less pleased with the job Bell’s Sandblasting in Denham did. Missed spots, runs, uneven primer application. Not the nicest of jobs.

IMG_20140411_105720 IMG_20140411_105714 IMG_20140411_105703 IMG_20140411_105657 IMG_20140411_105650 IMG_20140411_105634 IMG_20140411_105622 IMG_20140411_105609 IMG_20140411_105545 IMG_20140411_105538

After the trailer was up and everything was situated, I realized that I didn’t have anything to mix the paint in and drove down to CarQuest. I grabbed a couple of paint mixing cups, paint stirrers, and some paper filters. After mixing up the paint per Permanent Coatings’ instructions, I started painting. It took about 2 hours for me to get everything painted. I wound up using about 1.5 quarts of the enamel.

IMG_20140411_143234 IMG_20140411_143225 IMG_20140411_132228 IMG_20140411_132221


I’ll post more photos tomorrow after I get the trailer down and remove the sheeting. The lighting is a bit funky and uneven.

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