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More Assembling, Less To Do

So today was pretty constructive. I swung by Tractor Supply on my way into Denham this morning because they sell bolts by the pound. I grabbed a little over 4 pounds of washers, bolts, and nuts. Stopped by Carter’s for breakfast and then headed to the carport.


This is the state the trailer was last in when we left. Starting this morning I re-hung the axle on the frame, then started hanging the fenders. After the fenders were mounted, I realized it was a beautiful day and pulled all of the plastic sheeting down to get some more airflow through the carport.


Next up I mounted the tongue. I managed to tear the paint some getting everything mounted. A little frustrating, but it will rub off if I use the tilt function on the trailer anyway.


After getting the tongue mounted I threw the tires on and then moved to mounting the lights and drilling the license plate holes.

IMG_20140413_131005 IMG_20140413_130947

More light mounted and the wiring is almost done here.




I headed down to the neighbor’s and borrowed his planer for a bit to take some rough cut cypress and even it out some. After trimming the deck to fit, I drilled holes for carriage bolts. I haven’t installed the carriage bolts yet because the cypress needed to be sealed. Varnish should seal it well enough.

I’m hoping this project will be finished this week. My uncle volunteered to apply some more varnish to the deck tomorrow. If he does that, I should be able to get the deck mounted. Then I just need to call my other uncle for the paperwork on the trailer. I’m going to store the paperwork in a small piece of PVC pipe with removable end caps. This way if anyone else needs to borrow the trailer, everything will be easily accessible.

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