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Trailer is finished

So I finished the trailer today. My uncle did the final coat of varnish on Saturday while I was at work. Saturday I was unable to do any work on the trailer. I worked, helped another uncle to set up for a crawfish boil and then headed to dinner with a friend.

Today, I cut up some rubber to put between the decking and metal frame. Then I used carriage bolts to secure the decking to the trailer. I double nutted the carriage bolts to keep them from backing out. I checked the lights and everything works fine.

IMG_20140420_163002 IMG_20140420_162947 IMG_20140420_162935


  1. Tim
    Tim April 28, 2014

    I love it. The wood contrasts nicely with the orange! How does it tow?

  2. Clay
    Clay April 29, 2014

    Honestly, the trailer is light enough that you can’t really tell it is behind you. I haven’t strapped anything down to it yet. I’ll probably pull the wheel bearings apart and grease them before loading anything on it for an extended trip. So far I have only towed it a few miles.

  3. Tim
    Tim April 30, 2014

    Nice! Should tow great then. Now get entries of your bike being worked on up.

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