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It’s raining today. Not the best day for rain. I managed to charge the battery back up on the TSi this past week. It’s holding a charge again. Hopefully it isn’t raining tomorrow. As long as the rain isn’t serious, I will be installing the new fans and probably the boost gauge. If I can get this done in a reasonable amount of time, I’m going to see about burning the last of the gas in the tank.

Once I’m out of gas, the fuel pump comes out, the siphon tube gets drilled out and the new fuel pump goes in. I’ve got a Walbro 255hp that is ready to go in. Should be a drop-in replacement pump. This will stop my lean problem on the top end. I know the factory fuel pump doesn’t flow enough gas. I think it flows about 140lph. That’s 140,000cc/hr. I’m running 4 850cc/min injectors. At 100% duty cycle, that will flow 204,000cc/hr. The Walbro 255lhp will flow 255 liters per hour at 43psi. Stock fuel pressure is 43.5psi with the fuel pressure regulator vacuum line unplugged. Sitting at idle with good vacuum, it’s more like 35psi. I also have a 1:1 disc in the adjustable fuel pressure regulator. So fuel pressure will rise 1psi for every 1psi of boost it sees. That means it will probably see pressures approaching 70psi in the future.

This should be fun.

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