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Fans and more problems

So I have the fans installed in the car. I cut the connectors off of the factory fans and soldered them on to the Mishimoto fans. This allows me to be able to remove the fans easily if I need to do so. I really do like plug and play. Even if I have to make the harness to do so.

I do have a problem where the driver side fan is not kicking on. This is a bit aggravating. I’m not seeing any voltage on the stock wiring harness. I will need to spend some time to figure this out. All of the relays kick on when I plug them in after telling the ECU to lock the fans on.

I also forgot to grab the boost gauge from my apartment this morning when I went to Denham. So I took the Talon and drove back to my apartment. I was almost back to my apartment and the car almost stalled slowing for a red light. That’s when I noticed my Innovative LC-1 was throwing E-8 as an error code. This points to a dead oxygen sensor. I have another new oxygen sensor that I can use to swap out. I have no tools in the car, so I used the laptop to lock the car in open loop mode so it would ignore the oxygen sensor. I drove it easily back home and parked it to let it cool down.

I’ll look at the car more tomorrow.


  1. Clay
    Clay May 11, 2014

    RAIN! This ruins my plans. I can’t work on the car in weather like this. This sucks.

  2. Tim
    Tim May 12, 2014

    Get some rain gear and you wouldnt have this issue!

  3. Tim
    Tim May 13, 2014

    I’m super helpful. Seriously though, great job! You are resurrecting a rare car.

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