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Good Vibrations

Or not.

I spent some time today working on the Jeep. It’s had an exhaust leak since I bought it. This is pretty typical with Jeeps of this age. I purchased a new exhaust manifold a few months back. I also purchased new motor mounts back in February.

Today I finally got around to installing one of the two new motor mounts and the new manifold. I’ve been wanting to install the mount and the new manifold at the same time since one mount is under the intake. It can be done without removing it, but I’m lazy and would like to do it the easiest way possible.

Things went very well. I just need to learn to bring a camera with me. Using a cell phone to take photos while not getting my phone covered in grease or or damaged. The intake came off with very little effort. The exhaust manifold came off with no drama too. I swapped out the driver side motor mount with my uncle assisting some to make sure it all lined up. Then installed a new intake/exhaust manifold gasket and then installed the new exhaust manifold.

Everything went back together without issue. Well, almost. I lost a bolt, but then found it after sourcing a new replacement bolt. I did forget to bolt the lower exhaust manifold bolts up before pulling out of the driveway. Thankfully, I only made it about 1/10th of a mile down the road before turning around and tightening them up. I don’t know that I got them tight enough as it does sound like I have a tiny exhaust leak. It is nowhere near as bad as what it was though.

I do have one problem. The one motor mount I replaced. It makes the truck vibrate. A lot. I now own a 3300lb vibrator.

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