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Still trying to make changes

So I haven’t said too much, but I’m trying to secure financing for a house. I’ve been in this apartment long enough and I want out. I’ve been working on this for almost three weeks now. This is a longer process than I originally thought it would be. Once I get this secured, I’ll find a realtor and go from there.

So until then, about all I’ve done on the cars lately is change both motor mounts out on the Jeep. It runs well right now. I haven’t worked on the TSi lately though. I’ve fixed the air conditioning on my aunt’s car and my grandmother’s car. I hung out with my other grandmother who came down for a few days. That’s about it other than work.

Well, I’ve packed some. I’d really like to be able to get out of this apartment quickly when the time comes. So I’ve packed a bunch of books and winter clothes. This post is a bit fragmented, but it’s how I’m feeling at the moment. Lots of things going on, but not much being accomplished right now.

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