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The Shootout Part II

The shootout this year started on August 15th. Day 1 involves breakfast at the best place in Norwalk, followed by walking around Wakeman looking at cars, talking with people and watching dyno runs.

IMG_20140815_141650 IMG_20140815_142553 IMG_20140815_142709 IMG_20140815_142802 IMG_20140815_142819  IMG_20140815_144604 IMG_20140815_145033 IMG_20140815_145105 IMG_20140815_145114 IMG_20140815_145224 IMG_20140815_145248 IMG_20140815_145432 IMG_20140815_153608 IMG_20140815_153633 IMG_20140815_141223-PANO IMG_20140815_141234

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