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I’m pretty terrible at this

I should really learn to follow through and update this in a reasonable time.

So I bought a house. It’s in an older neighborhood in Baton Rouge. It’s definitely larger than I needed, but the price was right, the location is really good and it has an enclosed two car garage. It’s definitely livable, but not really move in ready. I still moved in.

2014-12-30(1) 2014-12-30(4)

2014-12-30 20141229_133424


As you can see, the front entry way needs some work. I’ve got some amazing coax for cable running through the front door frame. Why someone would need cable on the other side of the front door is totally beyond me. Foyers aren’t really the greatest place for a TV. It’s pretty dumb in all actuality.

2014-12-07(1) 2014-12-07

Lots of left over trash in the garage and kitchen. Lots of mixers, old canned goods, old boxed goods, stale cereal. It was pretty gross. Thanks Tamiko. I appreciate you leaving everything behind. I pulled 9 half full 13-gallon garbage bags of expired food out of the kitchen.

2014-12-07(3) 2014-12-17(6)

I’d like to thank the listing agent and the previous owner for letting their crew leave all this trash in the garage and a bedroom. I always like cleaning up after other people. Some of the paint may be good. Most of it was dried up and slowly went out in the trash can. It took two weeks before I could actually throw away more than 1 trash bag of my stuff at a time. Every other trash day, I was filling a 75-gallon trash can full of this twice a week.

2014-12-17(4) 2014-12-17(7)

Once I got trash moved out, I moved my stuff into the garage. This was the quickest way to consolidate my stuff while giving the house a once over. I didn’t feel that it was worth the money to pay someone else to come in and clean. Thinking about it now, I probably should have paid to let someone clean everything. I’m running about 6 weeks behind on everything right now. I’m going to try and play some catch up to get current with where I am now.

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