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The Garage Part 1

So my first project here is going to be the garage. I want a place to work on the TSi. I want a place easy to keep clean. In order to meet these requirements, I need to get the garage empty as step number one. I got rid of as much of the ruined paint as I could. Anything that was dried out was tossed. Anything that was empty was tossed. There was still a fair amount of paint that is potentially still good. It’s all stored in an empty bedroom for the time being.


I pulled the remaining few items out and then started hosing down the floor. Once everything was nice and wet, I started scrubbing everything down with phosphoric acid and a natural fiber brush specifically made for acid.


This took me about an hour or so to scrub the entire garage clean. After everything got scrubbed down, I needed to pressure wash the floor to get the acid off the concrete. This took another hour or so. You need to keep spraying and flushing the concrete with water until it no longer foams and the water runs clear.


I then let the garage floor dry for a couple of days.


Once dry, I got the pleasure of mopping the floor. Twice. It needs to be as clean as possible for the epoxy to properly bond to the floor. Unfortunately, the temps have been too low for me to start coating the floor. I’m hoping that this upcoming Sunday, the weather will co-operate and it will be warm enough. I’ll probably also mop the floor again before Sunday.

Maybe I’ll have time to talk about cats this week before coating the floor. This also almost catches us up to the present.

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