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The Garage Part 2

Quick update about the garage since things happened today. I’ll follow this post with the rest of the backlog to bring it up to current day.

Dad and I got all the epoxy laid down in the garage today. Everything went down pretty quick. I’m surprised we were done in less than an hour. Everything went beautifully until I finished cutting at the doorway and stopped to take a photo.

2015-02-08 IMG_20150208_120928635

As soon as I went to drop the phone in my pocket and close the door, India decided she had to be in the garage. Running full tilt, slipping and sliding all over the place. Once she realized everything was “wet”, she parked up against a wall and refused to move anywhere. It took me a moment to get a pair of shoes I could trash and get set up to go in after her. I get 4 steps out of the doorway and she decides to run all the way around the garage along the edge and then towards the door. I got her by the scruff of the neck and hand her off to mom.

Now I get to fix the area where I walked over the floor and all the streaks from where India took off to the wall. I got my footprints out of the wet epoxy and the streak marks to the wall cleaned up. I did not get the footprints all the way around the garage though.


This is not a happy cat. She got a lot of white vinegar to clean the epoxy off her fur and then a bath to get rid of the vinegar.

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