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One lock, two cats, three color combinations

I’ve been having problems with the front door being difficult to lock. I can’t use the heavy duty locks I purchased yet. The holes in the doors aren’t drilled square. The doors are stripped out. They need to be replaced and I’m going to address the doors as soon as I can. I was able to replace a deadbolt on the back door. Using parts off the old dead bolt, I was able to fix my problem with the front door.


So I have cats now. A few days after Christmas I decided that it was time. I haven’t had a pet in ages. I’ve wanted cats for a long time. I haven’t had cats since I was a kid living at home. Mom and I went out and looked at PetSmart on their adoption day for a weekend. I checked out PetSmart a few other times during the week. Mom and I found a very friendly cat named Micca at Juban Crossing PetSmart. While I was talking with the lady from SPCA of Livingston lady, I spoke of my fondness for black cats. She said if I was interested in another black cat, there was another being fostered. I told her I’d be more than happy to see how we got along. After meeting India Ink the next day, I left with two cats.

2015-01-06(4) 2015-01-04(1)2015-01-14(14)

I’m also looking at house colors for the spring. The gutters on the front of the house are shot. They are starting to pull away from the eaves.


If I’m going to fix the gutters, I’m probably going to be replacing fascia boards. I might as well paint. So using a couple pictures of brick, mom and I went to Home Depot to look at paint chips. We came back with three separate color samples.


Too much red.


Too much brown.


I think that’s going to be perfect. I think the house will primarily be the second color on the 4 color card with the front door being the smaller color card.

We’re almost caught up to current events. I have one more project to talk about and then I’ll post up some photos of the outside of the house and the backyard.

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