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Not cooking with gas here or anything else


I really should have taken a photo of this while it was still installed, but I can’t find any shots of it. Anyway, this nasty thing did not work. It was discovered in the inspection process, but I wasn’t terribly concerned with it. It was full of grease and would have taken so much time to clean up I probably wouldn’t have wanted to deal with it anyway. I needed a new stove.

I measured the hole in the counter with this stove still installed and found an appropriate sized drop in drom Direct Buy. $202 later  and I was eventually greeted with a new stove.


It’s not the most glamorous stove out there. It isn’t loaded with features. I don’t care. I just need something that works. So first thing to do is kill power at the breaker. Then I get to remove the shelving and drawers under the old drop in. Next up is pulling the cover plate off the junction box and probing the circuit to make sure there is no power.


Note: this shot was taken after the old drop in was removed. It was just much easier to get a good shot this way.

Now that things are disconnected, I get to pull the old drop in out. Just need to lift the cover and remove some screws.


Note: This was also photographed after it was removed.

I handled removing the existing cooktop before dad came over. With the amount of grease I was dealing with, I didn’t bother with photos while I was actually removing it.

2015-01-14(6) 2015-01-14(7) 2015-01-14(8)


I probably spent 30 minutes scrubbing the counter to get most of this crud off the formica. I do have permanent staining. Dad showed up about the time I was finished with cleaning to give me a hand shrinking the hole in the counter top. I was about 3/4″ too large all the way around. He brought a few scrap pieces of 3/8″ plywood that we then glued and nailed around the cutout. After everything was shimmed up, we dropped the new stove in and I wired everything back up.



I’ve since a number of delicious meals here and have cooked dinner for friends on a few occasions. Everything works properly in my kitchen right now and I’m pretty happy all the way around.

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